The first thing I bet you're dying to know is why the name? Petunia, I Love You is the name of one of my favorite books published in 1965 by Roger Duvoisin (isn't the copyright expired now?). Actually, it was one of my mom's favorite books and she bought it for me when I was little, then bought another for my little brother recently, which kind of put it back in my head -- so now I'm stuck on Petunia again.

It's about a fox who wants to eat this big fat goose named Petunia, and he follows her all around the farm proclaiming his love for her, to try to catch her offguard so he can attack her. But Petunia is pretty aloof and she's not falling for the banana in the tailpipe. He spends all day trying unsuccessfully to trap her and finally realizes that he has a good friend and not a meal. [blog]